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In Spain of the Counter-Reformation, a physician discovers he is the target of the Holy Office of the Inquisition. Fearing imprisonment, torture, and almost certain death, he flees under cover of night. Thus begins his perilous journey as an exile through sixteenth century Europe towards a city of refuge, a destination for the persecuted of the continent.

As he evades pursuit, he encounters not only imprisonment, the plague, and scams, he also wrestles with ideologies and worldviews that imprison, infect, and rob people of life and freedom. In the midst of this world that teeters on the cusp of the modern age, he meets priests and scammers, mayors and doctors, enemies and unexpected friends. There is evil, death, beauty, love and even humor. But he is still the exile, the outsider, until he believes he is finally safe. But is he?

César Vidal has written a moving story of one man’s quest for peace and freedom. Without a name, the exile represents all who make their way through the world in search of the same.

Main Character          The Exile, the author gives him no name, the character represents all who make their way through the world in search of peace and freedom.
The neighbor             This character has no name either, she alerts the main character of the evil that has been done to him.
Marguerite                  A woman the exile encounters and falls in love with, a love filled with many challenges as a fleeing man.
Fernando                    A friend the exile helps, out of charity, but ultimately betrays him.   

THE EXILE (César Vidal) 604142

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